You need an affordable UK Limited, to be incorporated in one day? Electronic documents suffice? Then talk to us. Our UK Incorporator will provide you with a prestigeous address, an option to open a UK bank account without travelling and accounting service.

Full setup starts at 115$


Europe's powerhouse is always a great address to start a new Fintech Business. Why not at the first address: In Berlin? Our legal partners in Berlin perform your corporate setup, arranging all necessary permissions you need, open 2 full corporate bank accounts and reserving office space at a prestigeous address at Berlin's business spot No. 1: The famous Potsdamer Platz!

Full setup starts at 5,500$



Want to settle down outside the EU? The most innovative business hub is Kazakhstan. Our partners in Astana arrange a full setup including an accreditation from the regulator to conduct e-wallet and payment processing services + bank account openings. Combined with our ebanq software solution you will receive a turn key solution ready to go. The Supreme Package includes the ebanq Software license plus any ammendments or configuration you needs.

Full setup starts at 29,500$

Supreme Package 41,250$



You want to become a Professional and regulated Trustee? No problem. Sweden is your destination where to go. Our legal partners in Stockholm register your LLP, appointing from the distance General and Limited Partners and registering your entity with the Stockholm County Administrative Board as regulatory body who supervises your business activities. The package includes the ebanq Software license. If you require in addition our KYC/Scan or CRM Management System talk to us. We guarantee you the best rates.

Supreme Package 44,250$


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