Give customers an online banking system par excellence


A better client experience and vast opportunities for your financial entity. RHONE ADVISORY GROUP is expert when it comes to customize your ebanq software package. We are working close with the developers of this unique online banking tool and can assure, that almost everything you desire will be implemented, become visible and will enhance your client's user comfort. Tailored to your needs as innovative financial company, regardless if PSP, EMI or even Private Bank.

We are experts for ebanq.

Order your software package directly at RHONE ADVISORY GROUP. Decide if desktop version, mobile version and what tools you really need. Our experts will help you to pick the right features. Since RHONE ADVISORY GROUP is a partnering reseller, we can guarantee best possible rates. Ask for your tailored offer. Our friendly multilingual team will help and assist to do the first important step - becoming a licensee. Shortly after we will start turning your ebanq software layout into your Corporate Identity.

Order your license @ RHONE ADVISORY GROUP.



We help you to adjust colours, configuring account groups, putting everything into your CI.

100% Security

Security and Data Protection is for every financial entity essential. Be on the safe side.

EU Standards

Secure Servers in the EU with 99,999% uptime and maximum encryption.


Offer your clients access to their accounts like a big bank in just a couple of days.

1. Purchase the License.


Get your entity ready for ebanq and purchase the ebanq license directly through RHONE ADVISORY GROUP or directly at ebanq. By signing up through RHONE ADVISORY GROUP you may profit of discounts and rebates. Once done, you are ready to customize with us front- and backend.

2. Customization


We can customize with you the system in seconds by changing the color scheme and uploading your own logo in the admin settings. Our tutorial videos will help to see how easy it is to transform the system to your own look and feel after you got familiar with the system.


3. Stream External Content


The ebanq Software is compatible with many banks and financial providers. Display content through API. Furthermore get ready to display in addition crypto wallets and multi currency accounts from external sources. Our developers will assist. Also advertising campaigns, banners etc. should be visible to your logged-in audience whenever you as modern Fintech company desire. We guide you through the entire processes.


4. Go Live!


Once all is done you go live! Put a Login Button on your website and a fully customized login panel will appear, ready for your clients to type in username and password. Just like as if they would use their familiar online banking. Impress and give clients more comfort.


Tell us about your project today.



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