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Helping oil and gas organizations capture value through operational improvements and digital transformations

We help oil and gas companies create Change that Matters by guiding their journey to a more efficient and sustainable future in CIS markets. Combining novel growth strategies and operational & corporate excellence, fueled by efficient market research & advanced digital solutions, we guide companies through lasting transformations.


Capital Projects

We help clients deliver world-class projects that yield maximum return on invested capital.

Market Research

We’ll give an honest and impartial evaluation of your research challenge or problem, your market position and the opportunities available to your business. Our team of researchers and consultants will help make the most out of the findings by working with you to implement the recommended tactical and strategic changes.

Import procedure and documentation support

We help oil and gas companies achieve step-change transformations in documentation and business outcomes through 24/7 support and guidance


We help clients navigate today’s high-paced and interconnected markets with deep industry experience, rigorous analytics

Product Distribution & After Sales Services

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According to our AML / CFT Compliance Program, v.01/2021, Sect. 10, paragraph 4a, 4e, 4f, 5b and also in regards to the international prevention rules to combat Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing we are regretting for not being able to onboard customers / applicants from the following jurisdictions (citizens and/or corporate entities): Moldova, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Albania, Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Nauru, Somalia, North Korea, Northern Cyprus, People's Republic of China, Russian Federation, Chechnya, Belarus, Ukraine, Rumania, Venezuela, Cuba, Kosovo, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Territories of Russia occupied in violation of international law (Crimea, Abkhazia, Nagorno-Karabakh, South Ossetia, Donetsk/Luhansk, Transnistria). Requests and Inquiries sent from one of those countries mentioned above will remain unanswered. The same applies to applicants with citizenships of one of those countries above mentioned, even if residing abroad in a not restricted country. Our policies for prohibited access to our services also include worldwide Political Exposed Persons or third parties acting on behalf of them.